Board members having a meeting in a boardroom.

Our Team

At PWdWA our staff and Board are people with disability or have lived experience of disability. This deliberate choice reflects our belief in the importance of representation and ensures that the perspectives, needs, and aspirations of individuals with disabilities are at the forefront of everything we do. Having staff and Board members with lived experience of disability enables us to better connect with and empathise with challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, as well as to celebrate their strengths, resilience, and contributions to society.


Our Board

  • Nihal Iscel
    Nihal Iscel
  • Eric Casey
    Eric Casey
    Board Member
  • Emma Beck
    Emma Beck
    Board Member
  • Grace Barnes
    Grace Barnes
    Board Member
  • Kat Johns
    Kat Johns
    Board Member
  • Mark Blowers Deputy Co Chair PWdWA Board
    Mark Blowers JP
    Co-Deputy Chair
  • Shazzy Tharby
    Shazzy Tharby
    Co-Deputy Chair
  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver
    Board Member
  • Brendan Cullinan
    Brendan Cullinan
    Chief Executive Officer