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Advocating for and empowering people with disability in Western Australia

How we Help

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    Make a Complaint

    Gaining access to services and facilities isn't always easy for people with disability. PWdWA has developed guidelines and template letter you can use to self advocate. If you are unable to self advocate please contact our office on the number below.
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    Providing advocacy for those people experiencing difficulties in navigating the NDIS to overcome obstacles and access the supports and services they require.
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    Accommodation & Housing

    PWdWA can provide limited advocacy for accommodation and housing issues, difficulties in gaining home modifications and maintenance problems.
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    Disability Support Pension

    Workshops on applying for the DSP and support for those people meeting with Services Australia to discuss issues with government payments.
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    Everyone has workplace rights. An Advocate can assist you if you feel you are being discriminated against because of your disability.
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    PWdWA helps people with a disability have the same opportunity as others to access public and private transport services.
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    Abuse & Neglect

    Support for those who do not feel safe or being prevented from having their basic needs met. Assistance when speaking to police or other authorities and connections to services that can help.
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    Access & Inclusion

    Assistance in navigating barriers that people with disabilities experience in participating in the community. This can range from physical access to addressing stigma and stereotypes that prevent full access and participation.
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    While PWdWA recognises the important role guardians play in making personal, lifestyle and treatment related decisions for people who may not be able to do so, PWdWA can support you or your family members to review these orders and identify suitable alternatives.
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