A group of PWdWA members and advocates having a meeting to discuss a project.


PWdWA implements various community-based initiatives aligned with our strategic priority to empower individuals with disabilities and communities. These projects encompass activities such as informing and empowering people with disabilities to advocate for themselves, collaborating with businesses to enhance accessibility and employment opportunities for young individuals with disabilities, and mobilising communities to recognise and eliminate barriers faced by people with disabilities in their surroundings.

Community Disability Advocacy Network Project

The Community Disability Advocacy Project aimed to enable community-driven solutions to address local issues affecting people with disabilities. Each local community defined the issues and solutions, with actions focusing on the rights of people with disabilities to self-determination, choice, and control.
The purpose of this project was to support communities to come together as Networks to help empower and advocate for people with disabilities living in their local areas. Networks were supported as agents of change through the provision of a toolkit that outlined structured activities and guidelines, funding and administrative support, and training and upskilling as required. This enabled Networks to connect to local stakeholders and the broader community and develop strategies and initiatives to address issues impacting people with disabilities.

For more information, visit Community Disability Advocacy Project, community driven solutions addressing local issues.

This project was finalised in December 2023.

Economic Participation Project

This project focuses on building the capacity of small to medium-sized businesses to be more welcoming, confident, and accessible for people with a disability. The project, renamed the Business Accessibility Empowerment Program by the co-design group is working in the Southwest, Peel and Perth Metro areas and will include the completion of 100 on-site audits and optional business accessibility training, which can be tailored specifically to the needs of each business.

Young people (Youth Consultants) between the ages of 15 to 25 have been recruited with the assistance of YDAN, Disability Employment Agencies, social media and advertising and directly approaching the education sector. The training is focussed on teaching the Youth Consultants skills to self-advocate, the impact of unconscious bias and intersectionality, and the need to improve accessibility in the community. The Youth Consultants are involved with every aspect of the project delivery and apply their lived experience and self-advocacy skills to conduct the audits and facilitate business accessibility training. Through their involvement the Youth Consultants have developed the confidence to apply for employment, co-facilitate workshops and nominate for boards and focus groups addressing issues pertaining to young people with disability.

Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy WA (SAWA) is a group run by and for people with intellectual disability.  SAWA’s mission is to provide peer support and promote self-advocacy for people with disability in Western Australia. SAWA was one of the first self-advocacy groups to be established in the 1980s during the self advocacy movement and closure of large institutions across Australia.

SAWA’s activities include:

  • Running regular peer support and self-advocacy meetings
  • Learning about speaking up, human rights, services and supports (e.g., NDIS, housing, health, transport, etc)
  • Attending local, state and national forums to speak about self-advocacy
  • Giving feedback and advice to organisations and the community as consumer advocates (e.g., on research projects, testing easy English)
  • Networking with other disability and self-advocacy groups to promote self-advocacy
  • Running social / team building activities

If you would like to know more, visit the SAWA Facebook page.

Empowered and Connected Project

The Empowered and Connected Project is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the knowledge, skills, and confidence of individuals with disabilities. The project’s primary objective is to equip individuals with the necessary tools to lead fulfilling lives by providing them with resources, workshops, and support. With a focus on self-advocacy, information dissemination, and peer support, the project aims to create an inclusive and empowered community.

Advocacy-Related Workshops

A pivotal aspect of the project involves organising workshops that center around self-advocacy. These workshops delve into relevant topics such as NDIS Appeals and Access, Self-Advocacy, and government payments. By offering these workshops, PWdWA aims to equip individuals with disabilities with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate government services confidently.

Providing Information

Central to the project’s mission is the creation and dissemination of informative resources. Fact sheets addressing advocacy-related subjects are developed and made accessible through the PWdWA website. These resources allow the community to access crucial information that can aid them in navigating various challenges. Additionally, through a dedicated Facebook page catered to peer support group leaders, relevant information will be shared to strengthen the groups.

Peer Support Groups

The project recognises the significance of peer support in fostering a sense of community and empowerment. Through collaborations with key peer support organisations these partnerships ensure peer support groups across the state receive effective and sustainable assistance. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these organisations, the project can provide comprehensive support that extends beyond workshops and information dissemination.

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