Two PWdWA members deep in conversation at a PWdWA event.


People with disability should have the same opportunities as others to access transport services. If you feel you are being denied access to transport or have been unfairly treated as a result of your disability an Advocate can assist you.

Public Transport

Many people with disability use public transport to travel to and from employment, medical appointments, and social activities. However, not all public transport meets their needs.

A person may find it difficult to gain access to a bus or train station. Getting on and off public transport may not be possible for some. PWdWA supports people to contact the Public Transport Authority of WA (PTA) to find solutions to make travel more accessible for them.

You can read more about accessible travel and their Accessibility Policy on the PTA website.


If you feel you have been unfairly treated, such as being denied access to taxi services as a result of your disability, an Advocate can assist you with lodging a complaint.

Some people with a severe and permanent disability are eligible for discounted taxi travel and you can find the link to apply here: Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme (TUSS).

ACROD Parking Permit

If you require an ACROD parking permit for your vehicle, you can download a copy here of the ACROD application form from the website.

If you need advocacy with any issues related to transport, please contact us.