We need to hear your experience as a user of services in the NDIA Perth Hills NDIS and My Way NDIS in South west and Kwinana/Cockburn

The Commonwealth and State Government will soon begin to work out how the NDIS will be rolled out here in WA.  A group of consumer led organisations have come together to gather evidence to give to both State and Commonwealth Governments about what works and what needs to improve. This isn’t about which is the best NDIS model it’s about ensuring people with disability living in WA get the services they want and are entitled to in a way that suits their individual requirements.  So that we can make genuine representation to Government we need to be sure that the evidence we provide comes directly from  consumers, that is people with disability, their families and carers who are already using NDIS.

NDIS trial participants are invited to attend an event either in Perth if you live in Perth Hills or Kwinana/Cockburn, or in Busselton if you live in the South West.  It would be really good if you could attend one of these events to tell us your story.  The information you give us will be used in a report that we will present to both Governments. This will indicate what is working for you but more importantly what needs to change.

The registration link is : Perth and Busselton

If you can’t make the event then it would be great if you can complete the attached survey which will provide us with your experience and help us inform Governments about three things:

  • where good practice is and what it looks like
  • your issues and concerns about what is not working
  • recommendations for change

The survey link is : survey

Empowering the voices of people with disabilities in Western Australia