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PWdWA Submission Options to add No-Fault Catastrophic Injury Cover to Western Australia’s Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme. (WORD DOC) 23 December 2014

PWdWA Submission for the Review of the Criminal Law Mentally Impaired Accused Act 1996. (WORD DOCX) 12 December 2014

PWdWA Submission for the Review of the Criminal Law Mentally Impaired Accused Act 1996. (PDF) 12 December 2014

Joint Criminal Law Mentally Impaired Accused Dec 2014 Submission Final. (PDF) 12 December 2014

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Workskills Competition 2016.

Workskills Olympics for people with disabilities.

To be held in Boreaux France 2016.

Expressions of Interest.
Abilympics holds workskills and some leisure competitions for people with disabilities every four years.

Are you outgoing?

  • Over 18 years of age?
  • Do you enjoy socialising?
  • Do you have a special ability?
  • Are you available in Marck 2016?
  • Would you like to represent Australia in the 9th International Abilympicsin Bordeaux, France?

Abilympics West Australia Association Inc have participated in every Abilympics Event since its inception in Tokyo in 1981.
Like the Olympics and Paralympics the events are held every four years to encourage people with disabilities to participate in workskill competition.

Abilympics aim at improving employment potential, self esteem and helps foster International friendships.

If you would like more information, please go to our website:


email us: Abilympics

Please complete the questionaire (above) and forward to:

Abilympics West Australia Association Inc
PO Box 358
Mirrabooka WA 6941

Please list the categories of interest, your disability or disabilities, date of birth, contact details and you will be contacted by a member of Abilympics.

Expressions of Interest close: 30 June 2015.
Unsuccessful applications will be notified by: 30 September 2015.

Some Workskill Events:

  • Aircraft maintenance.
  • Archietectural stonemasonry.
  • Basket making.
  • Bicycle assembley.
  • Cake decoration.
  • Computer programming.
  • Dental prosthesis.
  • Desktop publishing.
  • Electrical installation.
  • Eyeglass trade.
  • Floral arrangement.
  • Furniture making.
  • Hairdressing.
  • Health and social care.
  • IT network/systems administration.
  • Jewellry making.
  • Landscape gardening.
  • Leather goods making.
  • Motocyle mechanics.
  • Photography – outdoors/studio.
  • Poster design.
  • Restaurant service.
  • Silk painting.
  • Tailoring.
  • Upholstering furniture.
  • Watch repair.
  • Wood carving.

Some Leisure Events:

  • Art painting.
  • Hand knitting.
  • Embroidery.
  • Crocheting.

People nominated for WORKSKILL categories are given priority selection over competitors in the LEISURE categories.

Contact Abilympics for more information.

Consumer rights for people with a disability

We provide information for consumers buying disability-related products and services, including participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law. You have the right to expect that a product or service will do or perform as it should. If not, you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund. You have the right to truthful and accurate representations. Sales agents cannot mislead or deceive you. You have the right to fair treatment.

Contact the he Department of Commerce (Western Australia)
1300 30 40 54.

Visit the he Department of Commerce website for more information and links:
Department of Commerce

To contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) visit their website at:

PWDA Media Release – NDIS Citizen’s Jury 29 November 2014

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) is launching an innovative Citizens’ Jury process to provide the Australian community with the first user-led national scorecard

Visit the NDIS Citizen’s Jury 29 November 2014 Event Page on Facebook

It’s time for people with disability to have OUR say on the NDIS!

PWDA members, and the disability community are invited to tell us what YOU think at an online forum on Saturday 29 November 2014 from 12pm to 4pm (AEDST). 9am to 1pm Perth WA time.

PWDA President Craig Wallace and Board members will be online to join the conversation and you can also have your say on Twitter ‪#‎ndisjury‬

Your input will form the People’s submission for the NDIS Scorecard Project and will be presented by PWDA to the Citizens’ Jury being held in Sydney in February 2015.


IMAGE: Screenshot of the media release

Photo of Media Release from PWDA NDIS Citizen's Jury 29 November 2014

PWDA – NDIS Citizen’s Jury 29 November 2014 Media Release

Link to People with Disability Australia Inc. (PWD) on Facebook.
Message sent: 28 November 2014.

Media Release 26 November 2014

PWDWA supports call for urgent National Inquiry into Abuse and Neglect of People with Disabilities

The Four Corners report on Monday 24 November 2014 exposed horrific stories of sexual assault and abuse in one large service provider in Victoria. This is not an issue that is limited to that one provider or one state. People with disabilities WA Inc. had 19 referrals last year related to sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse.

“One story of abuse is too many and we know there are more when we hear further stories of abuse and neglect anecdotally from families. We only know about the people who contact us, but there are many more people who can’t speak up” said Samantha Jenkinson, Executive Director of PWDWA.

“A National Inquiry is urgently needed to understand and begin to address the systemic failure of the systems and services that allow this behaviour to continue. Perpetrators can not continue to think they will get away with it because people will not be believed or cannot speak up. I urge the Western Australian government to support a National Inquiry and continue to address this issue openly and transparently”.

Further evidence and information on the reality of abuse and neglect of people with disability in Australia can be found at National Disability Abuse Inquiry
From Women with Disabilities Australia:
• Ninety percent of Australian women with an intellectual disability have been subjected to sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of violence
• There is no national, coordinated legislation to prevent and address violence against people with disability, including family/domestic violence or statutory, national protection mechanism to protect, investigate and enforce findings
• The United Nations treaty monitoring bodies have made strong recommendations to Australia in relation to addressing all forms for violence against people with disability
• Data around violence and abuse against people with disability is often not collected, is recorded ‘in-house’ and is reduced to ‘administrative error’ep
• People with disability are frequently denied access to protections designed for victims of violence and abuse, victim support and justice systems

Media Enquiries to Samantha Jenkinson, Executive Director People with Disabilities WA on 0412887674

Urgent Call for National Inquiry: End violence against people with disability in institutions

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) and Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) are outraged at the events that were portrayed in last night’s (24 Nov) ABC 4 Corners program, In Our Care.

This program exposes the deliberate cover-up of shocking and pervasive violence and exploitation perpetrated against people with disability along with corruption and mismanagement by Yooralla, a large disability service provider in Victoria.

Urgent Call for National Inquiry:
End violence against people with disability in institutions
read the Joint Media Release here

National Disability Services WA (NDS) urges WA community to support no-fault insurance

20 November 2014

In the next month, Western Australia has a one-off opportunity to call for the best and fairest system for people catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident. We continue to lag behind the rest of the nation in providing care and support to these people and their families.

Yesterday from PerthNow – Young footballer Warrick Proudlove who sued friend Harley Burridge over car accident that left him disabled loses compensation bid, who was a passenger in a car that hit a horse and left him with catastrophic injuries in 2011, was unsuccessful in his claim for damages.

NDS WA State Manager Julie Waylen said: “This unfortunate and regrettable situation is a tragic example of how the current WA system is a serious injustice and how West Australians are not automatically covered in the event of a catastrophic vehicle accident.”

As part of our campaign to see the introduction of a No Fault Insurance Scheme in Western Australia, NDS has launched a website.

Urgent need for no-fault third party vehicle insurance in WA

Through the website, all members of our community can put forward their submissions and help to correct the serious injustice of dividing those with catastrophic injury into two camps, with both suffering differently. The website includes a sample submission template which allows people to quickly and easily send a submission.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 24 December 2014.

Read more – WA State Government has released its long-awaited Green Paper on No-Fault Insurance WA Government’s Green Paper on no-fault insurance – issued 20 October 2014

Contact information:
Email:Julie Waylen, State Manager, 08 9208 9805,
Email: Jim Vanopoulos, State Policy Manager, 08 9208 9802.
Source NDS WA

Letter to the Editor No Fault Insurance

People with Disabilities WA Inc.
Suite 1 Oasis Lotteries House
37 Hampden Road
Nedlands WA 6009
Phone: 08 9485 8900

The West Australian
Letters to the Editor
GPO Box N1027
Perth WA 6843
Fax: 9482 3177
Email: the Letters Editor:

Dear Editor

A young man driving with some friends on a dirt road hits a kangaroo. He loses control of the vehicle and hits a tree. He breaks his back and becomes a paraplegic; his friend fractures his skull and sustains a severe Acquired Brain Injury. His friend sues him to try and get the funding he needs for his lifetime support, but no one is to blame and you can’t sue a kangaroo or a tree. He was a good driver and is devastated by what has happened.

This scenario may be partly fictional but the facts ring true for many people such as the recent case of Warwick Proudlove. People in Western Australia are not adequately covered by our states Comprehensive Third Party Insurance that we pay on our car registration. People do not realise that they are not covered if there is no other driver, or if as a pedestrian you are in an accident involving unlicensed drivers. There is no coverage for personal injury in your car insurance that you get from private insurers.

Premier Colin Barnett has tweeted that he will bring in no fault insurance to our CTP scheme. The Insurance Commission of WA is currently consulting the public on this issue as right now as WA and Queensland are the only states who don’t have a scheme like this. The reality is that the Premier had to finally do what should have been done years ago because there is an expectation that schemes for people with catastrophic injuries from traffic accidents will be in place before the NDIS rolls out.

In the scenario I have given above it is highly likely that the person who has the ABI will need high levels of rehabilitation and ongoing support for leading a good life in the future. Both men actually have a really good opportunity to still lead good lives, with funding for housing modifications, equipment, personal care, and assistance to get back into the community. However without funding for ongoing lifetime support their families will need to provide for all of their care, and there is a risk that they could live in a nursing home, isolated from family and friends.

The Premier hasn’t said which option the Insurance Commission of WA will bring in yet, ongoing support over a lifetime for everyone with catastrophic injury or keeping some people with lump sum payouts. We hope it will be the option that provides for ongoing support for equipment and funding, with the opportunity that brings to be supported to connect back to the community, rather than a lump sum.

A lump sum payment may sound like a good thing but once you have the payment you are left on your own with very little support to navigate a whole new way of interacting with the world. Often
the lump sum won’t last your lifetime and often people end up being isolated trying to make the money last.

The Premier may have tweeted but the Insurance Commission still need to hear from the public for them to get the option that is going to work best for people with catastrophic injuries to live a good life. I hope that members of the public will put their support for this change in to submissions through a website set up for this purpose.

Kind Regards
Samantha Jenkinson
Executive Director
People with Disabilities WA


Greg Madson
People with Disabilities WA
26 November 2014

WA Association of Mental Health (WAAMH) calls for feedback to Criminal Law Mentally Impaired Accused Act Discussion Paper

Take action – make a submission to the CLMIA Act Discussion Paper

The long awaited review of the Criminal Law Mentally Impaired Accused Act (the Act) has formally commenced with the Attorney General releasing his Discussion Paper.

The CLMIA is the act which allows people who a judge finds ‘unfit to plead’ to stay in prison indefinitely. There have been cases where people with intellectual disabilities have spent longer in prison than if they had been sentenced for the alleged crime they committed. The case of Marlon Noble is one which highlights the problems with the current Act.

Information to assist people in making submissions is available on the WAAMH website. Submissions close on at 12 noon Friday 12 December and can be emailed to:

Empowering the voices of people with disabilities in Western Australia