Systemic Advocacy

Our advocacy services are available to any person with a disability, you do not have to be a member to access advocacy. Members who contact our office for advocacy will go through the same referral process as anyone else wishing to get advocacy services.

People With Disabilities WA seeks to introduce, influence and secure positive long-term changes in society. Our aim is to remove barriers and address discriminatory practices to ensure the collective rights, interests and well being of people with disabilities are attained, upheld and safeguarded. This is in line with PWdWA’s vision of a community where all people have a full and valued life with freedom to make their own choices.

PWdWA works closely with other WA (metropolitan, rural and regional) disability agencies, advocacy agencies and other key government, non-government stakeholders to lobby for changes to legislation, policy and service delivery for people with disabilities and government policy

Our systemic work is informed by the cases undertaken by the individual advocates and the queries received via the information advocate. We therefore liaise with individuals to engage on systemic issues and influence legislation which will produce broad change in the community.

We work closely with members of the Western Australian Disability Coalition and develop policy by consulting broadly with members and other key stakeholders. Peak bodies play a role in engaging government on systemic issues, as it is often not feasible for government and its agencies to work with a large number of people or organisations on systemic issues. Individually and collectively we contribute to reviews on issues such as Disability Standards on Access to (Building) Premises and Transport Standards, and feed into important high level targeted discussions such as the Social Housing Taskforce Roundtable.

Amongst other key projects, our work has at various times involved liaising with local councils and groups, as well as responding to proposed internal government departmental policy. At other times we have brought together members to consult on the State Government reforms, or invited speakers to address concerns around education or safeguards.

PWdWA builds sector capacity through programs such as Self Advocacy WA and Developing Active Citizens, programs which work towards demonstrating leadership and innovation. We also publish a quarterly newsletter which provides updates on the campaigns PWdWA leads or is involved in collaboratively.