Western Australia (WA) is in the unique position of having two models of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) being trialed in the State. In July 2014 the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) began a two year NDIS trial site in the Perth Hills. At the same time Disability Service Commission (DSC) began a trial of My Way NDIS in the Lower South West. A further My Way NDIS trial site began in July 2015 in Cockburn and Kwinana.

For the submissions made by PWDWA regarding NDIS, see our Submissions page.

State Election March 2017 – PWDWA Priorities – Click here for full document

PWdWA prepared a set of 6 election  priorities important to our members based on feedback from our individual and systemic advocacy work,  asking all parties in the 2017 state election to commit to act on the 6 priorities.


Releasing Our Capacity

Releasing Our Capacity is a WA network of people with disability, run for and by people with disability, helping other people with disability find out how to live an awesome life

We are supporting 20 groups in WA to become ‘Local Support Groups’ – groups who can support each other to learn, grow and make change.

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Behind Closed Doors

Prevention of violence, abuse and neglect against Western Australians with disabilities

The lives of people with disability are often secret lives. We are routinely segregated and isolated from our non-disabled peers – we live, work and play in places which are not often frequented by those without disability.  Often, we are lonely. If we do not have families, paid staff are sometimes the only people in our lives. We are shut out by barriers to participation in Australian life, and shut in when we are hidden in institutional settings.

For more information about the Behind Closed Doors project help in 2015, see Submissions

WA Disability Abuse Inquiry

The WA Disability Abuse Inquiry was established by People with Disabilities WA, in conjunction with Developmental Disability WA and United Voice in February, 2015.  In Western Australia, the prevalence of violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability living in institutional settings has long since been recognised by individualised advocacy as a major systemic issue, but issues such as lack of robust data collection systems and barriers to justice for people with disability have prevented this issue from being addressed in WA.

For more information visit the WA Disability Abuse Inquiry website