Committee Members

Greg Madson

Greg MadsonGreg has personal experience of vision impairment. Over the past 20 years Greg has been heavily involved in advocacy and support of people with a disability in the areas of sport, the arts, recreation, transport, employment and education. Greg also volunteers as an Equity and Diversity Advisor for the University of Western Australia where he works as an administrator.

Greg has recently finished a 6 year position as a member of the WA Ministerial Advisory Council for Disability and is presently a member of the WA NDIS Reference Group, President of People with Disability WA, President of Blind Citizens Australia,, President of the Western Australian Blind Sports Federation President of the West Australian Tandem Cycling Advisory Council and President of Dog Guide Handlers Australia.

Greg is also on the board of VisAbility (formerly the Association for the Blind of WA), the Board of Perth Home Care Services, a member of the Lotterywest Disability Equipment Grant Sector Advisory Group, a member of the City of Nedlands Access Reference Group and Chair of the Consumer Advisory Council for VisAbility (formerly the Association for the Blind of WA).

His knowledge and expertise is in the areas of information technology, adaptive technology (including training), public speaking, sport (competed in the Paralympics 1996 – ranked 6th in the Open Men’s Sprint – tandem cycling), business, recreation, transport, employment, education, governance and policy.

Ryan Gay
Vice President

Ryan Gay
I was born in Perth, and then spent 32 years in Bunbury W.A.  My independence is very important to me as it gives me the ability to do what I desire.  I am a member of the Fremantle Dockers and attend games every fortnight.  I have a Degree in Social Work and a Post Graduate Degree in Sexology and enjoy helping people with their life and sexuality.  I was on the board of Advocacy South West for approximately 18 months and made a film with them on Disability and Society.


Mallika McCleod

Mallika MacleodBorn in Sri Lanka and adopted as a baby to Australia, I had an active and sporty childhood which included a minor bicycle accident… enter the world of disability.

With a long list of involvement on committees and boards and governance experience that could cause severe yawning, I am enthusiastically & proudly joining PWdWA after many years as a supporter.

Profiles are interesting things, you can read about me here and learn so little, or make time to meet me.  I am approachable, open to conversations, and keen to learn and share every day until the final check out.

Successful athlete, best friend, dedicated atheist, ballroom dancing extravaganza, pretend chef on SBS, yearning for Hong Kong, fighter, medals and trophies in dusty boxes, tear down rotting irrelevant institutions, eldest sister syndrome, daughter, lead an arts and culture team, photo shoots, director, more tattoos soon, basketballer, advocate, travelling the world slowly, young leaders network, voting citizen, pierced, bridesmaid in Canada, enthusiastic foodie, honeymoon in New Orleans & Austin, addicted to heavy metal, being the best wife I can be…

Disability has enabled me to live an active, relevant, love filled, satisfying life.  I want that opportunity for all people living with disability.


Elizabeth Edmondson

Elizabeth is a self advocate and advocates for others. Elizabeth is a Paralympian.



Jordon Steele-John
Committee Member

Jordan Steele-John I have been preselected as the Greens candidate for the State seat of Warnbro and I am the second youngest parliamentary candidate in the State’s history.

On youth:
“I believe that our society and our governments are failing to properly facilitate young people to become members of our community and that, with the right support and if they are approached from a place of integrity and respect, young people are an energetic, intelligent and connected force for change.”

On disability:
“I believe people with a disability and older Australians deserve to be treated with respect, that their voices must be heard in our community and that our society and government must cast aside the notion that these people are charities, for they are not, they are equal citizens who simply require some facilitation to attain freedom and once freedom is within their grasp, will gift this country with a new wealth of knowledge and wisdom.”

A board member of: The Disability Access Reference Group andThe Lets talk community engagement network

A member of: The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, The Rockingham Youth advisory Council and in addition, I’m taking part in this year’s YMCA Youth Parliament and working with the Commissioner for Children and Youth People on a project that explores the experiences, aspirations and hopes for the future; of children and young people who journey with disability in WA.


Lisa Burnette
Committee Member   Photo of Lisa Burnette

I grew up in Midland and went on to finish a nursing degree and travel overseas (and still continue to travel). In amongst many life experiences, I acquired a mobility disability after meningococcal septicaemia in 2000 and now alternate between titanium legs, a wheelchair and a scooter. I have had the opportunity to meet many people with disabilities, been involved in volunteer committees in the sector, and become a passionate advocate for our human right to live active lives.

My seven and three year olds are my only hobbies at the moment, consuming all my spare time and energy! I do like wine, books, friends and movies (and talking!).

I have a rewarding career in Health, and feel it is a privilege to also be able to contribute to disability advocacy in a small way.


Ian Mansfield
Committee Member

Ian Mansfield has been an active member of Self Advocacy Western Australia – SAWA. Ian is a self advocate and also advocates for other people with disabilities. Ian also advocates for people with Parkinson’s disease.


Ingrid Moore
Committee Member

I am the youngest of 4, I was born with cerebral palsy resulting in learning and motor development skills. My family had a farm in Pemberton, and I was lucky to have my mother who was a school teacher and wanted me to have a go at everything, so I did trampolining exercises, despite being in the country. I attended school at Pemberton, where the only sports I could manage were netball, and I did Brownies and Guides. I played piano until high school. When I turned 16 my family moved to Perth. The reasons being that my work prospects was only the Peter Pan Learning Centre,  and my Dad could no longer look after the farm due to a bad back and none of my siblings wanted to take it over.

In Perth I attended Kent St High School as I wanted to mainstream as much as possible. I continued with Guides, becoming a junior leader, umpired and played netball. I was not accepted for Irrabeena (DSC) funding. I left school and was assessed by CRS who offered me workshop work, but I chose to to study and go for open employment. I worked in the public service, and trained for Disability services.

I continued with netball where I played for WA, regionals and country week.  Achieved my certificate to coach juniors and was on the Players Rep Board for Netwest.

I have worked for various disability organisations, including camps and day outings, and have been recognised twice for by Vic Park Council for Advocacy work. Former Council Advisory Group for Disabilities/Sport/Recreation and Health;   Women with Disabilities WA Board member/secretary for 8 years. Involved with Disabled Surfers WA; SAWA; local church Child Ministry volunteer (esp special needs); Uniting Care West Rainbow project (buddy).

My hobbies are travelling, puzzles and walking. My disabilities are playing up now. Recently I have lost my mum, my   best mate, who has shown me how to make a better life by helping others.  I believe access is very important from health care, education, transport, safety, housing, employment and communication. Everyone should be able to have their basic needs met.



Prue Hawkins
Committee Member

Prue is a Director of Empire Barristers and Solicitors, practicing in family law.  Prue also has experience in disability discrimination law and has a keen interest in disability advocacy. Prue holds degrees in fine arts and law, and worked at Sussex Street Community Law Service previously as their disability discrimination lawyer for a number of years. Prue is a wheelchair user and has been since birth.


Adam Hewber
Committee Member

With brain damage from birth, Adam has lived with a type of Palsy. As a teen, he was diagnosed with Epilepsy. After leaving Christ Church in year 11 he worked in the family Rural Supplies business for five years. In 2000, the family moved to Perth where he found it difficult to find suitable work. He went back to study and completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at TAFE, followed by a Batchelor Degree in General Arts, and a Diploma in counselling.

Adam contributes to advocacy, encouragement and motivation programs that promote ability first. He was an ambassador and speaker for Rocky Bay on several occasions, outlining what it is like to be disabled, how disability can affect family and friends and the community, and the need to treat people with a disability with empathy and encouragement rather than sympathy. Adam has lived in Melville for more than 14 years and has developed a keen interest in community issues and community development.  He is currently a member of the City of Melville Access Advisory Committee and is available to speak at community and disability group meetings. Adam is actively promoting the benefits of being a member of an advocacy group like People With Disability Western Australia (PWDWA) and is planning to stand for election to the local council.



Executive Director: Samantha Jenkinson

Samantha commenced as Executive Director in November 2014.

Samantha has been an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities since the early 1990’s, and throughout her professional life as a Social Worker. Through this time she has worked and advocated in the areas of employment, housing and support, service co-ordination, individualised funding and person centred planning. Samantha has worked for community organisations, service providers and state government in a variety of roles from case management to CEO.

Highlights of Samantha’s work have been her time with Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, her involvement in development of direct payments as a funding option for people with disabilities in Victoria, writing a monograph on trends in disability services for the Disability Services Commission in WA for their State plan ‘Count Me In’, developing a forum and DVD on self directed services in the community sector in WA and speaking on community inclusion to people with disabilities and service providers in the disability sector.

Throughout her career, Samantha has been involved as a volunteer with many community organisations on management committees and Boards of governance, including being a past chair of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, and past chair of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability in Western Australia. Currently she is also a Local Government Councillor in the City of Stirling.

Secretariat: Erika Webb (Contractor)

Erika Webb a Disability and Access Advocate for people living with Disabilities. Erika currently runs her own business Erika Webb Enterprises as a Disability Advocate. Erika is also the Admin and Advocacy officer at Blind Citizens WA.

Erika uses her skills and knowledge of the disability and blindness sector in paid job roles, contract positions and on Boards. Erika has been working tirelessly in paid roles and as a volunteer on various issues for people who are blind or vision impaired or DeafBlind and the disability sector. Erika has been recogonised for my role as a community representative and is often called upon to provide advice to various local. state and federal government departments.